Enfant terrible

     Dear Mr. Anchor,   

     You are the self appointed spokesperson of one billion Indians because you claim to represent them and ask questions on their behalf. It is another matter that you don't listen to the answers.

     You love your voice, your face, your TV channel and your self-declared, self-assessed, self-inflated TRP ratings.You choose your guests carefully, introduce them with panache, and over run them with questions. When they begin to reply, you ask more questions, quote from archives, wave a sheaf of papers, inundate them with statistics and overpower them to such an extent that they throw up their arms in despair. You assume the role of the nation’s conscience-keeper and even pressurize them to retract their statements, apologize or resign from their posts for their offences.

     We don’t need a Lokpal/ombudsman when you are perpetually on the prowl. Politicians shudder and spokespersons wince when you remind them of their past and present transgressions. Sometimes when your guest does not show up, you point to the empty chair, just to rub it in that a coward shied away from the debate.

     You frequently proclaim that yours is an open debate, but pray tell me, Mr. Anchor, from which angle is it open? You could instead call it a closed debate where right of admission is reserved for you alone.   

     You pulled off a coup when you interviewed the elusive scion of the erstwhile first family and set the trend for a change in the mood of the nation. His discomfiture was palpable as he sat on the edge of his chair, perspired and fluffed his lines. He dreamed big but you laid his dreams to rest on that famous night.

     Sometimes we wonder why your guests from across the border valiantly show up on the Newshour despite not being able to get their elbow in.Their repeated appearances seem to have made them impervious to your vitriolic barbs. We salute their resilience!

     We, the viewers are not sure whether we love you or despise you or love to despise you. Yet, we tune into your channel day after day to watch you brazenly intimidate, taunt and coerce your hapless guests.

     You are a trendsetter who has transformed the way news is viewed today. You have facilitated and influenced opinions and helped people take a stance on key issues. We acknowledge your service to the nation , Mr. Arnab Goswami !

                                                                                          Yours obediently ,

                                                                       The Nation that awaits answers everyday.                                                                                                                                                                            

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