The Leap year girl

     She is a dynamo, she is zealous, she is persevering, she is earnest, she is quirky, and she is adventurous. 

     She is the youngest of five siblings and born on the 29th of February, her birthday is a quadrennial event. She is hence unique, in more ways than one. 

     She is a brilliant teacher, who believes in teaching from the heart and not from the book. She guides her students to the next plane and makes winners out of all of them, irrespective of their levels of proficiency.

     Her infinite energy and enthusiasm are legendary. She is an avid traveller and hops from town to town, city to city and country to country, if only to be with her loved ones for a few hours to celebrate an occasion.

     When in her company, there is never a dull moment as she keeps everyone enthused and guessing her next move.  She loves exploring new terrain and follows a standard operating procedure that is flexible for fellow travellers, allowing for last minute changes in venue, time, date, duration and mode of transport.

     If anyone in the group has an unyielding boss, she has no qualms about picking up the phone and requesting him to allow her nephew/niece to extend his/her stay. 

    She is omnipresent, whizzes in and out of nowhere at lightning speed and never misses an opportunity to participate in an event she fancies. Her persuading skills and never-say-die attitude have won her many battles. Forever a sport, she endures the constant ribbing from her family with a smile. 

     She is an amazing mother to two adorable boys, a devoted wife to a caring husband, an affectionate sister, a loving daughter and a dutiful daughter-in-law. She is all set to don the role of a mother-in-law to a lovely young girl.

     There's more. She is a music enthusiast, a yoga exponent and a philanthropist. 

      She is the good-natured one – Suguna. She is the universal friend, philosopher and guide and I am proud to be her sister-in-law.

     Suguna soon turns sixty. We wish her many more action-packed years ahead and pray she stays indefatigable, for we cannot perceive her any other way. 

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