BAGRU - The textile hub

     Living in Bangalore, the "Silicon valley" of India, it is hard to imagine that, hundreds of miles away, nestling in the plains of interior Rajasthan, there is a small dusty, fascinating hamlet, Bagru, from where some of India’s finest textiles are churned out, using wholly native methods of dyeing, printing and processing.

     In the present day and age of high tech and digitized printing techniques, the practice of using vegetable dyes for dyeing and printing sounds outmoded.  But thanks to the efforts of the Chhippa community that has perfected the skill over the last three hundred years, the art is vibrantly alive and the town of Bagru bustles with activity.

     Jaitex art is a leading  manufacturer of hand block printed fabrics in Bagru. The employees at the factory are highly dexterous craftsmen  from the surrounding villages.Their unswerving loyalty and dedication to the profession is commendable. They create a stunning range of fabrics dyed in alluring earth tones, printed with ethnic images and motifs.

      I attended a one-day hand block printing workshop in their factory, organized at very short notice at the behest of Shri.Udit Sethia. Despite his busy schedule, he made every effort to make it an unforgettable experience for me.

     The workshop was as educative as it was awe-inspiring. The participants are permitted the use of wooden blocks and colours of their choice on fabric provided by the factory. At the end of an extensive procedure of washing, drying, printing and boiling, using natural, and eco-friendly herbal extracts, the result was a yard of fabric that had transformed like sheer magic.

                                                           The beautiful people 

     I was captivated by the humility, simplicity and courtesy shown by every member of the staff during my short stay at the factory. Mr. Ratan and Mr. Lala are two committed employees, whose professional expertise is an asset to the unit.

     Rajasthan is a key destination on India’s tourist map and Bagru is a powerhouse of textiles. The workshop promotes tourism in a novel way by showcasing a traditional art form.

     Shri.Udit Sethia and Shri.Hemant Sethia are genuine ambassadors who have made a conscientious effort to preserve and perpetuate an ancient craft.



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