The RaGa saga

     Is there such a paucity of talent or intelligence in our population that we are so eager to foist the crown on a reluctant prince just because he has a certain lineage? Is pedigree, heredity or ancestry vital to lead a nation or a political party?

     Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. However, in this context, the probable wearer fled the scene well before the coronation.
     Our fixation for a name or dynasty is legendary. Exceptional genes are entitled to extraordinary privileges in our country. You could be absconding from your chair for two months and continue introspecting or meditating (chintan-manan in native parlance) in undisclosed locations or you could be pondering over strategies to stage a comeback. Deciding the duration of your clandestine vacation is your birthright.

     You could be flying kites in Laos, windsurfing in the Pacific, chasing butterflies in Peru or fishing in Myanmar.You could still return and find your seat unoccupied, get a hero’s welcome for re-surfacing after a mysterious sabbatical and even have your cohorts celebrating with firecrackers and laddus. An elevation to a higher job, is the coveted trophy for making a stealthy exit and a furtive homecoming. Your outstanding genes bequeathed to you by your illustrious forefathers ensure that you are unaccountable to the voters, even if you choose to play truant. 

     If you are work-weary or bored of playing hide and seek, you could dabble in theatrics and tear up drafts of ordinances, assert that poverty is a state of mind, recommend 12 subsidized gas cylinders for the great Indian housewife, tell industrialists that your nation is a beehive, or make a gallant speech in Parliament about Kalavathi and other impoverished villagers in Vidarbha and forget about their anguish soon after.

     You could also make an offhand remark about India being a computer where your political party is the default program or seek refuge in astronomy by proclaiming that Dalits need the escape velocity of Jupiter to achieve success.. You could ramble incoherently, look forlorn, confused or bewildered and still have a mammoth fan following, worthy of a rockstar.

    Three cheers to the young scion for pulling off a vanishing act with such elan, he could give PC Sorcar a run for his magical money. 



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